Estefania Puerta



Estefania Puerta's work delves into organic and inorganic materials to form new poetics of transformation and translation. She is interested in what is gained and lost in the process of making and the new worlds that can emerge from fickle metaphors. Her insistence on examining the folly of translation stems from her need to explore world making, border crossing, bodies that do not fit into societies/societies that do not fit into bodies, and creating a new language for those that have never felt like they could speak. Puerta works in various mediums such as sculpture, painting, writing, and performance and is deeply invested in the web created through working in multiple forms that does not have a fixed center or hierarchy.  Estefania studied at the University of Vermont and received her MFA from Yale School of Art. She was born in Colombia and raised in Boston. She currently lives and works in Vermont. 


1.10 Untitled

"I received a photograph as my communication transmission. In some ways, [my process] felt more like a channeling of a sentiment rather than an interpretation of the image itself. I wanted the piece to weave in and out of a direct correspondence and contemplation of the image, with form falling apart and allowing other thoughts and emotions to seep through. The world feels heavy right now and so it felt only right to think of weight in all these ways."

—Estefania Puerta