Submission Information

Thank you for your interest in tele- magazine!

Because of tele-’s unusual process, it is imperative that all prospective contributors read this information and familiarize themselves with the magazine. We publish only work that has been made for tele- magazine as part of the tele- process. We will not publish previously created work. 

Open for submissions August 15 - October 1.

We are currently accepting submissions from writers, translators, and artists for our Winter 2018 issue. 

Send submissions via email to with your name and medium in the subject line. 

Because of the way each issue is put together, your submission should be representative of the sort (medium, style, etc.) of work you are interested in contributing, rather than a preview of what you expect your piece to look like in the published issue. Again, we want to stress the major role we expect other contributors' work to play in determining your contribution.

Submissions must include:

  1. Examples of your work and an (optional) brief statement (50-300 words) about what you have been working on/thinking about lately
    Guidelines for sending examples of work:
    Written work must be submitted in a single .PDF, .doc, or .docx file
    Video, music, and image files may be sent via links to personal websites or YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud or other hosting sites, or through Google Drive

  2. A brief statement (50-500 words) about why you would like to contribute to tele- magazine

  3. A ranked list of the media you would most like to contribute to tele- magazine (if applicable)

  4. A brief bio and any additional information you would like to include

IMPORTANT: By submitting to tele- magazine, you agree to adhere to our process of creating work directly in response to the work sent to you within the allotted time frame (typically, 1 week). If you have any scheduling conflicts that may interfere with your ability to produce a piece during the tele- season, please include this information in your original submission. tele- depends upon the timeliness of its contributors in order to maintain its continuity and production schedule.  

Notifications will be sent by mid-October.